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I said this Prayer Today

Dear Lord Jesus, who is my light,
Guide my footsteps so I will do right,
Take my hand and take the lead,
Let me help those in need,
I feel unworthy in your care,
So take my heart and help me there,
I've wavered of the chosen path,
And done some of my Christian math,

What I did realise, I'm so ashamed,
If you left me I wouldn't blame,
But all the teaching they do say,
Your love just doesn't work that way,
I should be steadfast this I know,
But sweet Jesus help this Christian grow,
All I need is your help with sin,
I'm not the Christian I should have been,

Please Jesus my sweet Lord,
Help steady your mighty sword,
Guide my hand, legs and mind,
Help me the right path to find,
No more walking in disguise,
I have found that is unwise,
So I ask for my own sake,
Help me a better Christian make.

I would rather lay down broken,
Than to have the wrong thing spoken,
Most of my life I've been a dope,
Now I ask that you give me hope,
Life down here does overwhelm,
I want someday to sit in your realm.
So please Jesus, show me the way,
Help me not to go astray,

I know that you are everywhere,
So now I commit myself to your care.


Copyright by Wolfgang Hummel June 27, 2001
(Used with Permission, from his site.)


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